In a nutshell, by 2025, we strive to

  • facilitate a successful convergence of the energy & transport sector in Bangladesh based on distributed solar PV and storage or in other words marrying 6 million solar home systems to 1.75M electric rickshaws existing today in an optimized charging and electricity infrastructure;
  • power 100,000 safe electric vehicles by smart solar PV;
  • double of monthly income for electric rickshaw drivers & provide them with a  financial track record.

SOLshare’s SOLbazaar is the central data hub for future-proof energy infrastructures; It allows for the efficient distribution of electricity to rural communities where households can buy and sell clean power. 

Through our peer-to-peer microgrids, homes with rooftop solar panels can sell their excess electricity back into a microgrid network, and others can buy it. This provides the poor communities with a new source of income from the sun, while being a green and clean form of energy source. SOLmobility is our venture into improving battery technology and financing options for electric three-wheel drivers, enabling them to earn a higher income. 

Bangladesh has six million households that are powered by solar energy. However, energy poverty also remains throughout the country, leaving millions who still lack access to electricity, and suffer from outdated infrastructures.

Through our solutions, rural communities can trade solar power, reduce their emissions by 30% and boost their household incomes by 25%, while e-rickshaw drivers gain better charging and profit opportunities.