How SAMs Are Practically Running the Show

For those of you who don’t know, SAMs, a.k.a SOLshare Area Managers are the ones who run the show in the remotest off-grid location. They are in-charge of maintaining one or multiple grid based on area & grid size. Any kind of complaints, issues or repairment services from our rural-end users are placed with them at first, and it is seen to that matters are reported, analysed and solved.

While many of us at SOLshare have the priviledge to work from home, we are quite well-aware of the ones who don’t: SAMs are down out on the field, going from one house to another,  whenever it is required, twenty-four hours a day, making sure electricity, for any kind of malfunctioning, is never unaccesible and inavailable.

In these times of utter despair, the first thing we have done right away is calling all our SAMs located in over 25 of our grids, and strictly asking them to follow some measures:

  • Avoiding get-togethers: First thing’s first, SAMs have been strictly asked to avoid all kinds of social gatherings. Villages are known to frequently hold melas or fairs and addas or get-togethers.
  • Maintaining hygiene: Make sure they wear a mask while going out. They have reminded to sneeze and cough, manintaing social etiquettes.
  • Keeping themselves and evryone else safe: While on frequent visits to our users’ households to check if our SOLboxes are running fine, they have been strictly ask to to maintain a minmum distance of 3 feet from the household members.


SOLshare has been constantly on line, asking our SAMs their whereabouts and if they need anything. During one such conversation with one of our SAMs (Yousuf from Pirgacha), we remember asking if there were any dearth of doctors at his village, to which he said, “What am I here for?”  Two of our SAMs are village doctors themselves and have taken it upon themselves to make sure the villagers are hale and hearty, social distancing and aware. While we’re always looking for ways to help out our SAMs, they seem to unwittingly end up doing it more for us.