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Create a network. Share electricity. Brighten the future

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E-Mobilizing Livelihoods and Creating a Greener World.


While having worked as a consultant for many years around the globe with the goal of bringing together microfinance and decentralized energy supply, as well as dwelled into scientific research throughout his PhD on the role of energy in development processes, Dr. Sebastian Groh was exposed to a variety of innovative energy solutions, and their shortcomings. He was most amazed by the solar home system program in Bangladesh with 85,000 systems installed in the single month of November 2014 when he first came there.


Along with a couple of colleagues, they found that among the millions of systems in the field there is a vast amount of excess energy (up to 30%) and at the same time everybody needs more power but is constrained by their system respective system design. It became clear then that access to electricity is critical for a remote village, but it is the flexibility and profitability of energy usage that provides the key ingredient for innovation and change leading to sustainable development in a wider sense.

Access to electricity is also crucial but more so than that is the flexibility and profitability behind energy usage that leads to real change towards sustainable development. Presently, with 1.75 million electric vehicles on the road, the country is hosting yet another booming market.​​ However, the current charging infrastructure makes for shorter battery time with higher interest rates, barring EV drivers from reaching their full potential income.


And thus, SOLshare was born out of a call to serve the lowest echelon of the society, providing safe and affordable models for providing electricity through our revolutionary approach to mobilizing energy and transport, managing power flows efficiently between devices via P2P technology.

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